Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Tree!

I love it when a print that you wouldn't really expect to sell starts to acquire interest from diverse corners and the enthusiasm for its unusual qualities is the thing that is selling it. The Tree was made with a Lomo Sprocket Rocket and was multiple exposed in Ruskin park in South London. I was doing a shoot for some locations and it was still early spring, the trees were not yet wearing their leaves and the wonderful branches and twigs were a tangle against the sky. It seemed only appropriate to look up and make pictures of the silhouettes and of course to turn the camera a number of ways to give me layers of twig upon branch, the textures that resulted were very much like a batik or some cloth, I love the way this one turned out and there are a couple more like it.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Plastic Fantastic III Acceptance!!

I almost forgot to say, I've been so busy with exhibitions, submissions and planning for the next wave of festival work that my Plastic Fantastic III acceptance seems like ages ago now. I am absolutely chuffed to bits though to tell you that two of my submissions, Not Pandora's Box and Sharing the Moment, were chosen by juror Susan Burnstine. I have no idea how many submissions she had to look through but I am utterly gobsmacked to have both in this exhibiton and do not envy her having to make that difficult decision. Not Pandora's Box is currently on show at Photoplace Vermont for the 'In Your Dreams' exhibition so I'm doubly honoured to have that showing in two places. Sharing the Moment is also on show in London at the Alhambra show and I'm pleased it's getting a new audience in the USA, though it has been shown at the Curious Camera show as well.