Tuesday, 25 May 2010


It seems May is going to be the month for indescision and maybe disappointment. I have too much to do and something has got to give, I didn't expect that it would be my blog. A serious lack of inspiration has been making it's mark felt on many a contribution this month. I just haven't felt willing to send in anything to the Art of Waiting project that I'm doing, willing is probably too strong a word I should maybe say able. Commitments have been so many this month, what with all the birthdays(not finished yet!) for the kids and family that any spare time to do 'stuff' is well out of the metaphorical window.

...And now I have just remembered that I haven't brought in this months batch of Solargraphs, a few days late, which is not a problem but only as long as I remember to bring them in tomorrow!

Jeff will have to wait patiently and hopefully not be disappointed when he does receive my contributions for April and May!

On a more positive note I now have work on show in two different parts of the world, India for the jury's pick at the Goa-Cap exhibit and USA for the Curious Camera(the latter being projected I believe). It would seem that sometimes the right themes are found and they strike a note with others.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

I'm in!

A strange title I know but it seems the easiest way to describe ones inclusion into the all new Toycam book, following the discussion in the forum thread those that have received there congrats email seem to share their news with the words "I'm in" succint to say the least! Yes I'm in but certainly not with the image I imagined, this one was a bit of a surprise though I figured those that were probably shown on the 'themed gallery' sections were really not destined for the book. I may be wrong of course, especially seeing as the one chosen is under the Flora/Fauna section!
I want to say a big thanks to the Toycambook team and especially Andrew, a lot of hard work has gone into this book, more than most of us will ever know!
This image is a double exposure of my daughter and some cherry blossom taken with an original Diana!