Saturday 21 July 2012

Thoughts on the pinhole workshop

It's July and the sun is just peeking through the leaden clouds, the U.K hasn't seen much of the glowing orb this summer and while it has been hiding away I have been busy preparing for shows. Across April and May I had an exhibition at Alhambra Home and Garden, the private view went very well and I sold work and had a lot of interest to the point where I was 'subjected' to an impromptu filming session and had to answer questions about my work, there is nothing like that for making you think on your feet. On Saturday 28th April,in advance of World Pinhole Photography Day on the 29th I did a Pinhole Workshop for adults, it was an intimate affair using the small back room of the gallery space and we certainly had a laugh while making cylinder pinhole cams from card. I am reviewing my expectations about manual dexterity and the way adults use power tools as a result!I still haven't seen the results but I am hoping they used their cams which despite gluing issues went together well enough to get an image and do some initial experimentation.I intend to do some more with adults, there seems to be a lot of interest and I think it will be good to keep the momentum going. There are also The Alhambra show eventually came down after a nice two to three week extension. During this time I think someone used the books that I had on show as a catalogue and decided to order from one of them. I hadn't considered them for that purpose but I may do in future.


  1. Congratulations on all of your successes, Ky! I'm glad to hear that you're finding interest in pinhole workshops among adults ... that seems like a good sign :-)

  2. Hey thanks, its busy times especially as I'm trying to fit workshop requests in around summer holidays.
    I think my direction is taking a slightly different route to the one I expected but its all interesting. I do hope you are ok, you seem busy yourself!