Tuesday 22 April 2014

Things with Wings Exhibition at PhotoPlace Gallery USA

A few weeks back I was delighted to receive notification that I had been successful with my submission to this particular exhibition. The title caught my imagination, much like the net of a lepidopterist and I knew which photos I had to submit.

I had been doing a series of Lumen Prints and after my death and decay series with the mouse I had followed with the moths, The Ephemeral Lumen Moth I-IV

This will be going on show soon at PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury Vermont USA and I'm very honoured to be amongst such wonderful photographers and some amazing images. There will also be an exhibition book/catalogue to support the exhibition, this is sold through Blurb.

It is also good news to hear that, regarding Blurb photo books they will now also be available through Amazon, certainly more scope for distribution and exposure. It has been a long time coming and as long as the details and costs aren't prohibitive it may actually be very useful!


  1. Congratulations, Ky! Fantastic polyptych!

    And that is good news about Blurb - thanks for letting us know.

    1. Thank you, should be an interesting development with blurb, will have to make more books!