Friday 2 May 2014

Doomed, we're all Doomed!

The Saturday following the opening night of the London Pinhole Festival was interesting. It was a sunny day, perfect for some Pinhole Portraits in Ridley Road Market. The tent was erected just outside from Doomed Gallery. I was amused to find that they were actually going to be made slap bang in the middle of the market, so not for the easily embarrassed or the faint hearted as plenty of people were watching and trying to get past as the camera was set up.

I had some of my family with me and a friend and fellow photographer had come along to also get a portrait made. The camera was a Chinese 4x5 with double dark slides, I'm afraid the name escapes me.

We stood and the portraits were made and the negs taken into the gallery, sadly we haven't seen the finished results yet but a contact sheet was made of some of the images. Below are some shots from during the session and also a couple of them from the contact taken with an iPhone.

I was due to go back the next day to collect the work and hopefully see the portraits up, unfortunately they weren't, such is the nature of analogue, expect the unexpected!

In action digital shots of the event.

The results

The Camera

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