Friday 11 June 2010

A Pull A Twist and a new Star(t)

What happens when you become distracted do you forget to do the things that are important to you or do you think about them every minute of the day but because you have left them for an inordinate length of time it becomes harder and harder to face them.

Breaking the cycle of inactivity

I haven't been inactive, quite the opposite but sometimes it's just not right to make an entry. Last night I was one of many enjoying the hospitality of Lomo at the London store and checking out their new offspring...needless to say you should be seeing the results of that soon enough! I have always loved panoramas and constructed them with pinholes, Horizons or Holgas so imagine my delight at the thought of an even longer panoramic view than has ever been, without messing with the old PS, this is going to be fun to experiment with. The Spinner 360 is a curious looking thing, I was quite surprised at the speed at which it turned, it feels good to hold, it's quite light but then it didn't have film in. I would say it is most defenitly a toy camera and has a strong resemblance to a periscope. The level is a good idea and I really just need to get some film in it and show you!

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