Thursday 5 August 2010

Time for Hols!

So it's that time of year again and I'm trying to pack a box of cams and film for my road trip across, around or through France. I don't know where I'm going or what I'm going to do or see but I love that aspect of this trip. The only thing I really struggle with is what cameras to take. I have far too many and use far too many at any one time so I find it very difficult to limit myself, you never know when you just might need that panoramic or that instant or that sampler; holga; Diana; pinholeblender; pinhole wpc; pinholga etc... let alone the many different types of film.

I have been hanging on patiently to use my Impossible Project film and now is the time to use it, a little project while on the road! So my box is getting bigger and luckily our tents are getting smaller so at least that means more room in the car but not neccesarily in the tent!

I think the hardest thing when packing is to finish it early, I know that sounds ridiculous but then you have more time to think about all the extra things you might want to take, so I tend to do some sort of subconcious procrastinating in order to avoid this!

This year I am also going to do Lumen prints as I travel around i wont fix them but I shall put the exposed images in a light tight bag that I have made for the purpose, hopefully they shall be ok. I thought it would be interesting to see how quickly the iamge is made depending on the sunlight. The U.K. sunshine doesn't quite have the kick I want.

I'll be back soon with lots of new work and a relaxed glow!

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