Wednesday 4 May 2011

Three Months Gone!

It's not what you think, it's just that I cannot believe that it has been three months since my last entry. I wish I knew what on earth I was doing in all that time. We'll I suppose I have been doing something and looking back I have probably exhausted my writing abilities by doing almost thirty articles in about three weeks, workshops for the pinhole kids, planning for exhibitions, entering competitions and digging for Britain on the allotment!

Currently I have the pleasure of telling you that I took part in the Goa-Cap exhibition, "Me Monarch" and I think I may have got over my 'thing' about doing self portraits as you can see from above!

I have also entered 'The Curious Camera' competition this year and I am very pleased to say that I got an 'Honourable Mention' for my image "Sharing the Moment II" Thank you very much for that, I can't wait to see any pictures from the event.

I have also been doing camera-less photographic workshops with the children and they have loved doing Lumen prints, so I had a mass of prints that I had also done and of course had seen the wonderful competition from Rayko, so of course I was going to enter... talk about last minute entry, sometimes you can be too busy to get around to things but I managed it, so fingers are crossed! here is one I sent in!

Busy day ahead and I am going to make sure I do not leave it for three months again!


  1. What a busy and inspiring three months you have had! Love the self portrait and Lumen print. Sharing the moment II is very special.

  2. Amazing lumen print! Please tell me, how is it done (paper, exposure, lighting...)?

  3. Thanks for the comments,
    Peter, as far as I can remember I first used expired(1993) Ilford ilfospeed grade 4 BW photo paper, I then just sprayed the flower and placed it face down onto the paper.
    The paper is in an old clip frame which I use as a contact frame, I either tape or use clips depending on the thickness of the object. it is left out in the sun now and I think this was for approximately 30-40 minutes as it was part of a class so it wasn't much longer than that. Sometimes I have left them out for hours!
    Once I peel off the organic matterI get the print into a dark bag or box if i'm outside then I either fix there or in the case of this one I saved for later then scanned and fixed with Sodium Thiosulphate.

    I scanned and pulled into photoshop where I adjusted the levels a bit in curve and that was pretty much it. Some of them come out feint some like this, it depends on the light the pollen in the flower, if I have dampened the paper or the object.
    I would suggest getting expired paper and just have a go, if it's not sunny then extend the exposure time but frankly I haven't had one that hasn't turned out. It is such a lovely thing to do. I carry a changing bag with me and have a small container of paper just so I can do these anywhere. I'll be posting more soon!
    Thanks for asking about this, I'm happy to share.

  4. Congratulations on all your productive and successful work! Your lumen prints are inspiring - I hope to try that sometime.