Sunday 6 November 2011

New Exhibition in Sydenham London

I have a new exhibition up, it went up yesterday and it still has a few tweaks and labels to add but I think it's almost there. I don't know how others react when or go about sorting their shows but this one came as a sort of surprise. I thought it had been put on the back burner and so relaxed into apathy until a couple of weeks ago I was again asked if I wanted to do it, well when do you turn that down so of course I flapped about and got my work together. Some images are old and some are new, so I'm hoping that what I have chosen as a mixed exhibition comes together.
The one thing I haven't got to grips with is a name and as for a theme well it is mixed and really quite eclectic in methods. Toy cameras, pinholes and even more recent work with camera-less techniques such as the lumen prints on paper and film. Naming an exhibition is not the easiest task and I shall no doubt come up with something over night. Anyway, if anyone is in the area of Sydenham South East London then pop along to Sugahill Café/Gallery at 250 Kirkdale, have a wonderful cuppa and some cake in a lovely friendly environment. The show will be up for November.
This year has galloped away with me and after the Sydenham Arts Festival in July and some workshops I cannot believe it is now November, especially when the cold hasn't really hit us yet. I had lots that I wanted to work on and try this year and I have a funny feeling the next couple of months might be a bit crammed with everything that I didn't get around to doing in the last few months.