Thursday 6 October 2011

Twenty Months Long!

I have been too busy to post lately but I thought I would share with you a rather long exposure that I was also too busy to get in and so it became a twenty month long exposure. It was placed in my garden way back on 22 December in 2009 utterly forgotten about after the first couple of months of wondering what it would be like. So I eventually remembered it was out there and brought the rather rusty looking baked bean can in sometime around 16th August 2011. This is of course a Solargraph and uses a process that does not need chemical development.
The paper was expired Ilford Ilfospeed 1 RC Deluxe, this had expired in 1993. The pinhole diameter is .30 = F240 the can diameter is 0.72. The paper was surprisingly free of dirt and damp, in fact I was hoping for a little water damage after that length of time, seems like the gaffer tape worked just fine and kept it all out. Any of the cloudy days that may have been there I think have probably disappeared as the sun overlapped its previous positions.

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