Wednesday 20 July 2011

Second week of the SAF 2011

I think I'm just recovering after spending all those hours standing talking. I love sharing the knowledge of alternate techniques but it's hard when you keep hearing yourself saying the same thing over again. I managed to do numerous Lumen prints and have hopefully given people some interesting ideas, especially on what to do with their left over wine!

Lots of workshops wanted by people, which is something that needs to be sorted out once I have my home in some order and I have also tidied up after the last few days. I have loads more Lumen prints to scan and get up here. Though I am waiting until I find some interesting film on e-bay.

And I sold some more work which is great news

Due to the rain I had to work in the poly tunnels, which was fine when the sun wasn't blazing but I think it may have had an affect on the lumens, especially as they were being fixed in the light. Some have carried on changing and others not, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the differences and it's not the plant juices.There was also something akin to solarising going on with some of them. I shall scan and post when I can. The majority though turned out just fine and the happy experimenters took them away. I do hope they get the chance to try some more.


  1. Congratulations, Ky! It sounds wonderful, if tiring.

    What happens when you fix lumen prints in the light? This might be just what I need to actually try lumen printing :-)

  2. Thank you, it was great fun but you are right I was exhausted by the end of the day let alone the weekend and there were three in all! It was all the talking and in some instances the repeating of similar details, I got to the point were i was trying to rephrase things just so I didn't go mad.

    I'm hoping to do more after the summer and maybe some other techniques.

    Fixing them didn't seem to do all that much in fact I think for some it certainly added to the textures and the effects that one got. They didn't look as though the images lost all that much detail.

    I haven't been able to do much the last few weeks as I've been sitting in what is best described as a building site, as my house gets converted, can't wait to have some free time but then I think I'll be painting on a grand scale then!

    Good luck with trying it, don't hold back if you use small bits of paper it's not a big deal if it turns out different to how you expected.

  3. Thanks for your encouragement! I'd heard that people fixed them in the darkroom, and it was the lack of a darkroom that made it seem more or less impossible for me right now ... so maybe it really is possible!