Tuesday 20 April 2010

A cheering boost while I wait for his return!

The last five days have been somewhat a blur, a rush to find out news and try to work out how, when and where my loved one might be coming back to this country (U.K.) we have considered many options but the thought of canoeing across the Atlantic doesn't fill me with hope. Flights continue to be cancelled and what with the lack of other modes of transport from the USA time and waiting seems to be the thing to do.
At the moment a flight is booked but then that has happened before so getting ones hopes up again is maybe premature.

Yesterday was a mix of emotions, I had just found out that the volcano was again happily spewing it's cloud of stillness across Europe and so the flight was cancelled and then my brief visit to LOMO meant I noticed a ridiculous number of hits (sadly not normal) anyway I had won "Lomo Home of the Day", an award that attracts a lot of attention from fellow Lomographers, A big thanks to all those who visit my home and left likes, comments and congrats!

While writing this the UK Civil Aviation Authority has reopened British Airspace from 22:00, I have to go tell someone.... thank god for Twitter! So much faster than the news agencies.


  1. Congratulations on your Home of the Day!
    And I hope your loved one is home soon! That must have been so hard.
    Two kinds of great news about home :-)

  2. Thanks, yes he finally got home this afternoon... all is complete!