Friday 24 September 2010

Toycam Book Best Seller!

It's been a while since my last post and lots has gone on and I feel guilty for not sharing, anyway the best thing so far at least for you to really share in is the publication and the obvious great reception that the Toycam Book has received. It is in the best sellers listing on Blurb. The book was put together by some very dedicated members of the Toycam community over the last year. I must say all their efforts have been rewarded, it looks fantastic now it just needs to be bought.

The book has 49 artists contributing and over 100 pages and images, it is available in both softcover and hardcover versions. The book is a wonderful collection and if you are passionate about Toycam images then this is most definetly the one for you.

Way back in May I thought I had this image in the book, it does however turn out I was right in my speculation and it wasn't this one at all but the one of the blossom (above) again a double exposure but missing my little one!

Whatever you do, enjoy the book a lot of effort has gone into its creation.

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