Wednesday 10 November 2010

PInhole and Plastic Exibition

Wow! talk about a long sleep in of course now that the exhibition is up and running my body decided it had had enough of three hours sleep a night for the past week or so and it caught up in a grand fashion. All eighteen pictures are up on the wall and all are for sale, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I have had some great feedback already. The Pavilion Cafe in Dulwich Park is a meeting point for all park goers, especially when it rains. A hub of life and bubbling conversation it's walls are a well known gallery for those in South London and often further afield.

I decided on a mixed theme Exhibition as it was so difficult to narrow down the thousands of images I have but also the current work was mostly based around water and the coast and I wanted something that park goers could connect with especially if they are not regular beach visitors. The images were made with a number of different cameras, mostly Toy cameras old Dianas and a Rand from the sixties and new Lomo Diana+ and F+ along with my fave the Holga. Pinholes have also featured heavily and I have used the Pinhole Blender Mini 35 for most of these. Eighteen images are featured and most of those that know my work online will be familiar with them.
Also featured is a picture of the cover of my newly published book with the same title "Pinhole and Plastic Shots on a Beach" this is available in softback, hardback and imagewrap from my next post will feature some pics from this.


  1. Correctly spelt, this time ! Looking forward to seeing it on Saturday and the book is beautiful. Hope it goes well for the next two weeks.

  2. Congratulations! What wonderful accomplishments - I wish you all the best with both.