Monday, 10 January 2011

The 'Shed" is up

Early start this morning, well not that early really but it has been the winter hols and getting up has been an interesting task, especially before it starts going dark again! This morning we had to be ready to take delivery of The Shed, it was finally coming after much delay and expectation. The call came and we headed off down to the allotment to help get it off the lorry and take it to its awaiting base. The driver was keen to go and so had done the first part for us.

Despite the need for sunglasses while looking at the freshly irradiated looking wood we were excited and eager to get on with the job. It was cold and thankfully the rain was going to hold off, I had brought essential kit with me like a cup of tea and my new video camera, the Digital Harinezumi2++ to record aspects of the event.

It didn't take long and it was fun using the cam, I think it will have to be an acquired skill to get over doing a vlog like my daughter does, anyway all in all it went up really quickly and without any incidents. Now the reason I am looking forward to this so much is that it will not only serve me as a place to keep seeds, vegetables, tools and general allotment paraphernalia but secretly it is also going to be my Camera Obscura, my allotment recording device, I imagine it will end up being covered in cans for long exposures and solargraphs and I'm sure that many wonderful hours will be spent looking from it's two small plastic windows across to the plot and I'll be pondering the next picture as well as the next crop rotation!

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  1. And what a lovely morning it was, should have realised we were really putting up a new pin hole camera though... Looking forward to finding out how it all turns out.