Sunday 21 March 2010

Archery and Goals

I try to drag myself from my bed every Sunday (at least the dry ones) to get to a sports field a few miles away, where myself and if I can rouse her my daughter, attempt to get a few hours archery in and improve our skills in hitting that gold. Due to our current infrequent visits we need a lot of practice and despite it looking like an easy static sport it takes a lot of time to master and quite a lot of effort to maintain the necessary poise and concentration for a decent shot.
The random nature of my shooting at the moment means I can get anything from a gold to a miss in one end... not something to be proud of! this morning was no different and despite the mild weather I was left feeling like I could have managed to get a better score.

I have been waiting for a few years to achieve this and my ultimate goal would be to get a bowmen status but I'm happy to wait as the club is friendly and we have a good gab at the same time. Waiting for such goals is an interesting challenge though, whilst there the desire to get a personal best is so strong that it can leave you feeling frustrated by your own stupid mistakes but wait I do.

As for waiting I want to expand upon my previous entry regarding the project that I'm involved in with Jeff Natchtigall The Art of Waiting, a challenge yes! as much as my archery? on a mental level yes, I am finding it a fascinating project and one that I'm very happy to take on and support ( I actually can't wait to see what's on that film) but patience is becoming a virtue and as I try to get to grips with the ideas I propose to do and wonder whether I will ever find the time to send in the next entry i would just like to say that i'm grateful to be part of such an interesting group of people some of whom I had known before some not at all and others that I'm finding out about in such a curious way.
My entries for month two have recently been posted and contain some sketches that I do whilst waiting!

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