Sunday 14 March 2010

Mothers Day!

Mothers Day! a day of rest, gratitude and self indulgence... or so I thought, I was up earlier than I have been all week, I did get breakfast in bed and some beautiful handmade cards but it was 7.15am Ugh! so I managed to get up, go to Archery with my middle child, while the other two had gone to TKD with their father. I then picked them up and we then sped off to the Greenwich Viewfinder Gallery to collect a Photo that had been on show there and then we wandered around the buzzing market while waiting for the start of Alice in Wonderland. Not much in the way of relaxing but a busy fun and full day with most of my family, most of the time!

The picture in question, a pinholeblender mini 35 from a series on the beach, ' Shots on a cold beach, Sharing the moment'

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