Thursday 11 March 2010

Pinhole blenders and plastic bags

I was on the 'beach' today, well banks of The River Thames which, when low could and does constitute a beach in that it has sand pebbles/stones (bricks) flotsam and jetsam (trees and plastic bottles) interesting finds (old pipe clippings and Hypodermic needles!) and the usual detritus, dead pigeons and cans of Red Bull.
I noticed the pipes and the needle while squatting on the foreshore with my Pinhole Blender Mini resting on a housebrick. I was doing a long exposure about 40 seconds and had been counting slowly as you do when I started noticing all the horrors of the beach looming up at me. I was surrounded by junk and the three strand lines were full of plastic darkened with age and pollution. I did actually wish I had industrial gloves and a rubbish sack with me, why oh why do we litter! The children were playing in the 'clean' sand at the top of the beach, once my exposure was finished i quickly returned to them and made sure they were digging with sticks... just in case.

Of course the image I made will still look romantic moody and blurry but It won't show the true nature of todays beach.

The image here is one I made another day with the Diana+ pinhole feature, when I process todays I shall post it and link to this.

This morning coincidentally Lomo published a location I had done on the Beaches of London

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