Friday 19 March 2010

Heads in a whirl!

Today should have been quiet, well at least a more manageable pace than usual but because I had time my head began to think about all the millions of things I had to do, all those positive developments I could make to my domestic chaos. I'm not sure any of them happened in fact I'm not sure what happened today, I joined that eternal carousel of never getting off and actual achieving anything, always going around in circles!

I thought this was appropriate, A Holga WPC120 pinhole shot of the Carousel in Avignon, the film was an extremely expired pan F 1984 this is what came out!


  1. It looks like an alien spaceship!

  2. I thought that as well, it has been there such a long time, I found some really old images of Avignon and there it was! so who knows eh!