Wednesday 24 March 2010

Workshop Wonders

This is a little after the event but on Monday I did the second part of my year long workshop/ project that involves the use of solargraphs. The last two days I have been scanning and converting the tiny black and white paper negatives into positives so the children can see what beautiful colour images they have managed to capture on their homemade pinhole pots.
We managed to change over the paper outside with the aid of a changing bag and a lot of messing around with little light tight pots but I was amazed at how many of the pinholes had been placed in the thorniest positions possible and I must say my hands and wrists are still recovering! So any red marks found on the paper is my contribution to that image!


  1. These are beautiful, Ky! The children must be thrilled!! Next time: a pair of gardening gloves that reach up to the elbows! (I"ll keep that in mind if I do a kids' solargraph class one day.)

  2. Ah! Now that's a great idea, it didn't help that they were attached with wire as well!